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CORONAVIRUS 19 – We Need The Grace Of God!

by Bala Muhammad It is by the Grace of God that Nigeria has finally been certified Polio-Free by the international health community – a no mean feat for a fight which was dogged by lots of bumbling and embarrassing episodes of corruption and inconsistencies. Indeed we had in the past succeeded – with massive international assistance – against smallpox, ringworm and other ailments of the poor. It is Grace of God that made us now beat Afghanistan and Pakistan in the polio fight, with no outbreak for four years straight.

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Kano Against Covid-19

Northern Nigerian States such as Jigawa, Sokoto, Borno and Yobe have joined the list of States with rapidly growing cases of Covid-19. The rapid growth has been linked to poor physical distancing practices such as the continuation of congregational prayers, burial and funeral practices, persistence of doubts within the community about the existence of the disease and disarray and inadequate resources in the health care system. To address these issues in the State, a citizens and civil society initiative, Kano Against Covid-19 was established. In a press statement signed by A. B. Mahmoud SAN and others, they sought to define the nature of the crisis and the best way of addressing it.

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