About Us

A Few Words About Us

The Kano Against Covid-19 initiative is a coalition of concerned citizens and civil society leaders set up in the backdrop of the covid19 epidemic to examine the problems and identify what support or interventions they could offer both individually and collectively in addressing the challenges around Covid-19 in Kano State. The initiative envisages engaging with and mobilizing civil society organizations, private sector, donor agencies and other segments of society, to collaborate and link with both the State and Federal government to strengthen the readiness for combatting the Covid 19 pandemic in Kano. The initiative also seeks to create synergy with whatever government is doing in order to bridge gaps.

Our Areas of Focus

  1. Identify the key problems and challenges that hamper efforts to curb the spread of COVID19 in the State
  2. Supporting public health measures to minimize the spread of the epidemic
  3. Community outreach and mobilization.
  4. Creating Synergy between public and private sector support
  5. Providing a unified platform for citizen initiatives
  6. Envisaging Life Post Covid19


3rd Floor, NSITF Building
No.1A, Social Insurance Road, Behind Trade Fair Complex
Zaria Road, Kano

Kano Against Against Covid-19 Call Center

+234 (0)1 888 5012

Our Teams

Health Management
Lead: Prof Mahmoud Sani

This team focuses on enhancing the public health measures needed to curtail the epidemic. This includes testing, contact tracing, welfare of frontline workers and other necessary health interventions

Technology and Innovation
Leads: Mrs Amal Hassan, Mallam Y Z Ya’u

Core activities include leveraging on technology to support the intervention effort in Kano and providing technical support to the various committees.

Finance and Logistics
Lead: Aisha Oyebode, Prof Awwalu Yadudu, Fatima Wali Abdurrahman

Core activities of this team are fund raising, resource mobilization and efficient management of resources for the initiative

Post COVID 19
Lead: Dr. Shamsudeen Usman

Assessing the preparation to exit Covid-19 vis-à-vis the likely consequences the epidemic will have on Kano. The team will also develop and roll out initiatives for the immediate, midterm and long-term for post-covid recovery in Kano.

Community Mobilization & Public Awareness
Leads: Prof. Mohammed Tabiu, Mrs Maryam Uwais, Dr. Bala Mohammed

This team is responsible for activating the community level response structure to drive public awareness and compliance.